Welcome to the World of XelEdit

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Otherly inclined, welcome to the world of Xel. This massive powerhouse of a country is set upon the immense continent of Thrai'sk floating through aether. It is said that if one manages to reach the end of this land, one can feel the flows of energy carrying this world through space and time.

The particularity of this continent lies both in its scenery, and its nature, born from its creators : Xelor, God of Space and Time, and the Xel. These powerful beings look frail and humanoid, seemingly a mix of flesh and mechanical constructs, entirely mummified, as well as bright blue eyes which shine into the night, and through their constructs. However, within these bodies, the Xel hold some of the most ingenious minds in existence, as well as a powerful magical control over time. Using these powers, and their advanced technological prowess, they have literally built a continent from nothing. This entire land is a mix and match of various biomes, plains, mountains, marshes, deserts, volcanoes and temporal anomalies as well as impossibilities. What separates them are rivers of aether, which create complete stops from one biome to another. It is common to see a group of farmers on a plain live right next to a Tundra and a Volcanic area at the same time.

Within this impossible continent, the Xel have built numerous cities, and outposts. But grander than them all stands their capital, Voxis. Built as a flying city, this megalopolis floats above the continent, held up by the Xels power. The city is composed of multiple districts, as well as an Outer, a Middle, and an Inner circle. Most of the inhabitants live in the middle circle, in separate districts according to groups of races. Much like the land, these neighborhoods change drastically in appearance and functionality with nothing more than a step over an Aether-Bridge. The Inner Circle is an area primarily inhabited by the Xel, but have members of other races as well. The Outer Circle serves as a point of entry and exit of the city. There one can find uncountable stations with large portals being held open by Xel and Elfic magic. Some of these portals serve to teleport to the continent, or from the continent up to the city. Others are trans-dimensional, crossing space to allow passage from an infinite range of worlds. This is the primary way in which sentient races which are not Xel have come to establish themselves within Voxis, as well as on the continent. There are also multiple airships and other flying contraptions for mass transport.

Voxis and the world of Xel function in very special ways, which seem surprising to those who do not know them, as planes merge together in impossibility and immortal gods walk the world alongside mortals, but these are quickly learnt. One can hope to find riches in this unimaginable land. Maybe even luckier, one can hope to meet one of the mysterious Xel in person.